Sunday, 5 July 2009

Manic Mondays Musical Self Portraits

Well, phooey. I've decided to change MuuMuu Mondays to Manic Mondays, to give it wider appeal, but there was already a Manic Monday Self-Portrait group. So I had to choose another name. So now it's Manic Monday Musical Self Portrait Group. The other group was for outfits matching the song by the Bangles. But mine if for dressing in a way inspired by your favorite musician, band, or song. A much broader range.

I've also added a link to each group if you want to be a spectator or a participant. Not much to see there yet but I'm working on it.

Also I'm afraid I'll have to make sure people know the groups are for all ages, because I'm a bit worried about porn being added to Wicked Wednesday or Fishnet Friday. Then I'd have a moderating nightmare on my hands.

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