Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thesbian Thursday Desperately Seeking Susan

A few weeks ago I started out what is turning out to be a complicated and far reaching project. I've been doing Daily self portraits for awhile to post on Flickr, and that got old quick. So inspired by a friend who told me about TuTu Tuesdays at Burning Man, and showing me a video of that and Fishnet Friday, I assigned a different theme to each day of the week. And then I thought perhaps a blog would be nice to talk about it all. So since today is Thesbian Thursday, I picked the movie Desperately Seeking Susan and tried to get the feel of that look for today's self portraits. I must say I feel pretty sassy dressed like this.

Remember the goal isn't to be a celebrity impersonator. It's to embrace the spirit of the movie.

Thesbian Thursday was founded by me, Fayme Zelena Harper in 2009.

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